Zombie Shoot | Haunted Trail

Friday and Saturday nights in October. SAVE OUR PARK FROM THE ZOMBIE HORDE!! This is our eleventh year of our paintball zombie shoot and haunted trail. This year we have THREE two story battle wagons! This adventure is half zombie shoot and half haunted trail, and takes about 45 minutes to complete. Due to COVID-19, limited tickets are available this year. Visit to get yours before they sell out!


November Streetball

HUGE thanks to everyone who played and sold out our first streetball event!! Guys, this event truly brought back memories of the glory days of OSC. Fun, laid back play that somehow was still competitive. We literally got so many messages about doing another that we figured – let’s keep it going. REGISTRATION IS LIVE FOR NOVEMBER STREETBALL! Check out the video of our September Streetball!

HUGER thanks to everyone who helped make this thing a success. John Dresser, Kory Skinner, Brian Stoops, Kevin Foote, David Ladnier, Dan Klinger, Jacob Ronzo, Dil, Kenton Samuel.

HUGEST thanks to my man JT Inman . He was the one who bugged me incessantly to get a hyperball field, designed it, and literally put the field and tourney together with me. Much love.


COVID-19 Measures

While we have always taken safety/sanitation VERY seriously, due to COVID-19 we have actually built a new washroom, to ENSURE that all our gear is sanitized properly in between uses. Your safety is our first concern.