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Laser Tag
near St. Louis

The Best Paintball, Airsoft and Laser Tag Fields near St. Louis for all ages and abilities. 11 playing fields on 25 acres.

Paintball, laser tag & AIrsoft fields

Our Fields

We have put the work and the resources into our paintball park to make sure you have the best experience possible in the St. Louis area! Along with some of the most exciting themed playing maps in the country, we now have a netted walkway that leads to all eleven of our maps, so spectators (and eliminated players) can watch all the action safely! Because we are continually working to provide the best paintball park in the St. Louis area, the maps may have changed since the last time you played. Whether you choose open or private play, you will get to experience several different maps — choose your experience!

Play Paintball, Airsoft or
Laser Tag near St. Louis

We have open play - come by yourself, bring friends or make new ones!  We also have private play seven days a week!  You'll love our paintball, Airsoft and laser tag fields near St. Louis!