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The Best Paintball, Airsoft and Laser Tag Fields near St. Louis for all ages and abilities. 11 playing fields on 25 acres.

Why Xtreme Paintball Park

Looking for something different for your company event near St. Louis? Tired of doing the same old boring thing? Try an outdoor adventure at Xtreme Paintball Park –  home to the best paintball, laser tag and Airsoft playing fields at one location in the St. Louis Metro Area (Millstadt).

Anyone can play at Xtreme Paintball Park, even if they’ve never played before – we’re the place for all ages and abilities.  Our friendly, highly trained staff will help your group and make sure they have a fun and safe experience. This is the chance to play paintball, laser tag or Airsoft in a friendly, safe environment that gives your staff an experience they might not have tried on their own. An event they’ll talk about all year long!

Paintball, laser tag and Airsoft at Xtreme Paintball Park near St. Louis is an amazing team building experience. A corporate paintball, laser tag or Airsoft party promotes team building, leadership, patience and bonding among co-workers. Paintball requires excellent communication, strategizing and delegation skills in order for a team to win. Need to show your department is the leader to all other departments? Paintball is a great way to take out that pent-up energy and to settle the score in a controlled, safe environment! Want a way to reward your employees for a job well done? A paintball party says, “I’m the cool boss.”

Our fields are designed for fun! Our signature Shipyard course is one of the only THREE STORY courses in the world, and looks even more impressive in person! With 11 playing fields on 25 acres and both Open Play and Private Group Play available, your group will have the best experience the St. Louis area has to offer. Book your company event or team building experience today!
3 men at company paintball event

All private parties have a 10 player minimum and include a party pavilion and a private guide. You will play with only the members of your group and you have the freedom to choose your courses. There is no time limit on private play; you can stay and play all day at our St. Louis area Paintball, Laser Tag and Airsoft Park! 

Best Company Event EVER!

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Games for everyone

At Xtreme Paintball Park near St. Louis, we have sports for all ages and abilities. We have three options for paintball, along with Airsoft and laser tag.  Rest assured that whatever you choose, we take great pride in making sure everyone has an enjoyable experience! We are in these games because we love it, and genuinely want them to grow. We can even arrange different game types to raise or lower the intensity depending on your group!  You’ll have the best company event or team building experience ever!!!!

3 paintball players in front of bunker


This is the TRADITIONAL paintball gear and game.  High intensity, action packed and high on thrills!

Mid-range Low Impact

For anyone who is a little hesitant to try traditional paintball. Available only for private parties.

group at medium impact paintball team event

Low Impact

The same thrill of paintball with the least impact – adults love it too! Available only for private parties.


Airsoft is realistic, tactical play. Open play the 1st, 3rd and 5th Sunday of every month, rain or shine! We have private play available on any day!

Laser Tag

Laser tag like NOTHING the STL area has ever seen! Real metal guns, with real red dot scopes, that shoot over 1,000 feet in broad daylight!

Play Paintball, Airsoft or
Laser Tag near St. Louis

We have open play - come by yourself, bring friends or make new ones!  We also have private play seven days a week!  You'll love our paintball, Airsoft and laser tag fields near St. Louis!