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The Best Paintball, Airsoft and Laser Tag Fields near St. Louis for all ages and abilities. 11 playing fields on 25 acres.

What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a competitive team sport.  The gameplay is somewhat similar to paintball, but the equipment and style simulates combat more than the paintball does.  The airsoft pellets (BB’s) do not leave visible markings on their target, and hits are not always apparent. The game relies heavily on an honor system in which the person who has been hit is responsible for calling themselves out. 

We offer Paintball, Low Impact Paintball, Airsoft, and Lasertag at our facility.  Airsoft consists of shooting little plastic BBs at each other instead of shooting balls of paint.  If you are unsure if airsoft or paintball is the best choice for your kids (who have never done either), we recommend doing paintball first. Realistically, paintball and airsoft are similar in nature, and both are a blast.. but with paintball we have two low impact options (see low impact tab) in addition to the traditional paintball.. so we always recommend paintball for players who are new to this stuff.  The mid impact paintball guns have less of an impact than the airsoft guns.  With that being said, airsoft is growing in popularity every day, and as long as you have honest players who call their hits, we have lots of groups that love it, and play all the time!

Gameplay varies in style and composition, but often range from short-term skirmishes, organized scenarios, close quarters battle, field, military simulations (MilSim) or historical reenactments. Combat situations on the battlefield may involve the use of military tactics to achieve objectives set in each game.

Before gameplay, an airsoft gun’s muzzle velocity is checked through a chronograph and usually measured in feet per second (FPS). At Xtreme Paintball Park near St. Louis, we use the following FPS restrictions:

  • Rifleman AR-15 (4oofps)
  • SMG MP5 (350fps)
  • Shotgun Mossberg (350 fps)
  • DMR SR-25 (450fps)
  • Sniper .50 cal (500fps)
airsoft player on woods field
AR airsoft gun

When can you play airsoft?

We offer AIRSOFT OPEN AND PRIVATE GAMES! We do Airsoft open play (just show up and play/no reservations needed) every Sunday, rain or shine! However, reservations are recommended – it’s easy to book online!

We can also do private parties seven days a week, anytime it is daylight, with ten or more people –  reservation required. Book online or call to set it up at 618-476-9999.

what our customers say

Went and played airsoft today and let me tell you, this park runs like clockwork!!!! Awesome turnout, fantastic selection of fields, refs were on top of everything - made the day run very smooth with little down time unless you wanted it. Customer base is full of experienced to new players and what was great to see is veteran players interacting with new ones. If you don't have gear they have everything you need. Airsoft is the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Sunday of the month if there is a 5th. Lol. If you want to be able to just watch you can do that too. Clean heated a/c bathrooms, which is unheard of on airsoft/paintball fields. And hot fresh food too!

- Jeff D.

Need equipment or ammo?

If you don’t have your own gear, we have a rental equipment package that includes the gun and 1,000 BB’s. You can bring your own BB’s (BIODEGRADABLE ONLY) or buy ours. We stock only quality Tippmann Biodegradable BB’s, and they are sold in 1kg bags .. so if you get the .20s, you get 5,000 in a bag, the .25s have 4,000 in a bag, and so on.  We stock .20, .25, .28, .30, .32 and .36 weights.  All are the standard 6mm BB’s.

airsoft rules and faqs

1. Eye protection: ALL players are required to wear full seal, ANSI Z87.1 rated, goggles. 
    — Eye protection must STAY ON AT ALL TIMES ON THE FIELD. Players caught taking their eye protection off while on the field will be asked to leave.
    — Players under 18 are required to wear full face covering. Goggles with a bottom mesh does qualify as a full face covering and so does mouth mesh. 
    — To use nonfull seal eye pro, it must be either ESS, Oaklys, Revision, Pit vipers and Wiley Ex Boss frames.
2. NO DRAMA – Field conduct.
3. No shooting anywhere but on the field and chrono.
    —  No Mag may be in your gun in the safe zone.
    —  Pistols may have mags if they stay in a holster.
    —  Dry firing is allowed but not recommended.
    —  No shooting wildlife, this will result in a permanent ban.
4. When you are hit, put your hand up, or pull a red kill rag and keep it above your head. A player with a gun in the air is not considered dead.
5. Dead players do not talk. Do not give out intel or player positions. All players in audible range will be called out/hit/dead for the game.
6. No blind firing. If you cannot look down your sights and see the player you are shooting at then you should not be shooting at them.
7. Everything you are wearing counts as a hit if shot. This included backpacks, hats, or dangling clothing. This also includes your gun if it is in front of your body. If your gun is shot from the side and you are not behind it then it is not a valid hit.
8. Situations may arise where a rule is in the gray area. The resolution will be made by a ruling from the head Ref. This ruling will be in place for the remainder of the day.

All players must use 6mm airsoft weapons that will be monitored under a chronograph. All airsoft guns must have a muzzle cover device outside the field and the staging area and may not be taken off until inside the netted areas. Real firearms or pellet guns are not allowed on the field — this includes blank firing weapons. 


No riot shields.

All games at Xtreme Paintball Park must be supervised by one of our referees.

Full seal eye protection is mandatory in netted areas AT ALL TIMES. Lower face protection is not mandatory but highly recommended. If under 18 years of age, the child must use a full face guard.

Throwing knives are not allowed. We do allow plastic knives, but they must be used only to signal that a player is being safety killed.. no actual contact is allowed.

Rifleman AR-15 (400fps)
SMG MP5 (350fps)
Shotgun Mossberg (350fps)
DMR SR-25 (450fps)
Sniper .50 cal (500fps)

10′ MED for SMGs chronoed at 350 FPS with .20g BBs.
    — 2/3 round burst
10′ MED for pistols/Shotguns/AEG Rifles at 400 FPS with .20g BBs. 
    — Semi-auto only unless otherwise specified.
25′ MED with LMGs chronoed at 450 FPS with .20g BBs. 
    — Full auto is allowed (3 Second Burst don’t be a jerk!) at 26 rounds-per-second MAX. 
    — LMGs are not permitted to engage targets inside the same building, including using semi-auto. 
    — LMGs are replicas with a real-world counterpart in that role. 
    — LMGs must use a drum/box magazine with the current following exceptions: RPKs may use extended AK magazines, M249 may use standard magazines, BAR standard magazines, and L86A1 LMG may use standard magazines.
50′ MED with DMR chronoed at 450 FPS with .20g BBs. 
    — DMR’s MUST be semi locked.
100′ MED with Sniper rifles chronoed at 500 FPS with .20g BBs. 
    — Sniper rifles are bolt actions only.

Smoke  Grenades  / Grenades
Only wire pull smoke grenades are allowed on the field. (NO homemade smokes)
Grenades have a 15ft kill radius not on the other side of hard cover (a wall / large tree). 
DO NOT throw grenades over building walls or in the containers. 
You CAN throw grenades over fences, shelves, ect.

1. Any hit to any part of the body/gear counts. This includes backpacks and hats.
2. After being hit, please raise your red kill rag above your head and yell “HIT!”. If you have lost your kill rag, raise your hand. A player with a gun in the air is not considered hit.
3. Dead men do not talk. Do not give out player positions. If you do, all players on your team within audible range will be called out/hit/dead for the game.
4. Ricochets DO NOT count. But just because you think it is a ricochet does not mean it is. Please make sure it is not a player shooting from behind.
5. Gun hits count if it is in front of your body. If your gun is shot from the side and you are not behind it then it is not a valid hit.
6. Friendly fire counts! Team kills are still kills. Friendly fire is not friendly.
7. You may not throw bb’s at another player and count that as a kill.

1. CALL YOUR HITS! Airsoft is an honor-based sport, cheating ruins everyone’s fun and IS NOT tolerated. If you suspect a player is cheating, call for a referee. Be ready to give them a good description of the offending player.
2. If you hit another player and they do not call the hit, tell them nicely they must take that hit. If you begin shouting or using abrasive language you are immediately in the wrong and must call yourself out. Likewise, if a player informs you that you are hit, even if you did not feel anything, you must call the hit.
3. Any form of physical altercation or verbal abuse will not be tolerated. Involve a ref if anyone is screaming or yelling and move on to not escalate the situation.
4. Do not intentionally block or provide cover for teammates after being hit. All players are permitted three steps to get out of the line of fire when medics are in play. Otherwise, find a fire-free way back to respawn.
5. Do not blind fire. You must be able to look down the sights of your gun and be able to see the person you are shooting.
6. Do not climb on buildings, vehicles, trees, deer stands, or anything else.

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