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The Best Paintball, Airsoft and Laser Tag Fields near St. Louis for all ages and abilities. 11 playing fields on 25 acres.

2021 Events at Xtreme Paintball Park
*Dates subject to change

3-Man beginner's tournament

These tournaments are open to anyone relatively new to the sport of paintball. Grab a couple of friends and form a team–no jerseys or anything needed. We can even rent equipment! This is the perfect introduction into tournament-style play. They are limited to players with two years of experience or less, or those who have played two or less tournaments. Games will be played on one of our airball fields, and we will have several referees on the field to ensure fair and safe play. Points will be assessed for flag pulls, flag hangs, eliminations and live bodies. Center flag format, four teams will advance to Finals. Teams are guaranteed at least 6-8 games in the preliminary rounds. Registration is Day of Event only.

3-Man beginner's tournament

SUNDAY November 14, 2021

$75/team including airfills. Field Paint Only!   Round Robin format.  Teams are welcome to come scrimmage in the AM (gates open @ 9am) to practice the layout.. actual tournament runs from 2pm – 5pm.  Registration is day of event only.

Xtreme Paintball Park MIDWEST OPEN SEVEN MAN

Midwest Open 7man Mech Tournament

SATURDAY November 20, 2021

This be played on our new hyperball field!
16 team max $500 team entry fee Evil @ $45/case on day of, $40/case if prepaid. Games start @ 9am
8 minute games. Trophies and Medals for Top Three teams, Mech or electros capped @ 5.5bps rental Planet Eclipse eMeks are available — get a squad and play!
3 paintball players standing together

customer appreciation day

SUNDAY December 12, 2021

FREE ENTRY.  Just pay for paint and rental.  We genuinely appreciate your support!