OPTION 1: 50 cal GOTCHA guns

This is the LOWEST impact available, recommended for 6-9 year olds, or any group of kids who have never played traditional paintball.  These are spring powered (no compressed air), and use a special .50 caliber paintball to have hardly any impact at all!  These guns shoot about 60% as far as traditional paintball markers, and are extremely lightweight.

OPTION 2: 50 cal Tippmann FT50 guns

This is the MID RANGE low impact gear available, recommended for 8-13 year olds or any group who is a little hesitant to try traditional paintball .  These are compressed air powered (just like the traditional paintball guns), and use a special .50 caliber paintball to have about 1/2 the impact as the traditional guns!  These guns shoot about 90% as far as traditional paintball markers, and weight about 1/2 as much as a traditional paintball gun.  We regularly even see groups of adults choosing these markers, as they perform very well even for those who are used to traditional paintball equipment!

OPTION 3: 68 cal FT12/EMEK guns (traditional)

This is the TRADITIONAL paintball gear.  Recommended for ages 13 and up.  We have multiple guns available.. our basic rental (pictured to the right) is a Tippmann FT12.  New for 2019, we also have Planet Eclipse EMEKs (pictured left) for an extra $15.  The EMEKs are widely considered the nicest rental gun on the market.  While the traditional paintball gear does pack the hardest punch of our three options, we pride ourselves on having our gear set up correctly, including fresh, climate controlled paintballs to ensure you will have a great time with any of our three options!

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