We are happy to announce that as of Jan 2017, we now offer AIRSOFT OPEN AND PRIVATE GAMES!  We do airsoft open play (just show up and play/no reservations needed) the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Sunday of every month, rain or shine!  We have been really happy with the turnout, and are hoping to expand to more dates in the future.. but consistently have 30-60 players for these open groups!

We can also do private parties seven days a week, anytime it is daylight, with ten or more people and a reservation.  Call to set it up @ 618-476-9999






RENTAL GEAR: $20 includes 1,000 bbs

You can bring your own BBs — (BIODEGRADABLE ONLY) or buy ours for $19/bag.  We stock only quality Tippmann Biodegradable BBs, and they are sold in 1kg bags.. so if you get the .20s, you get 5,000 in a bag, the .25s have 4,000 in a bag, and so on.  We stock .20 .25 .28 .30 .32 and .36 weights.  All are the standard 6mm BBs.
RENTAL GEAR IS AVAILABLE — $20/gun rental includes 1,000bbs.
Rilfeman Ar-15 (400fps)
Smg MP5 (350fps)
Shotgun Mossberg (350fps)
DMR SR-25 (450fps)
Sniper 50.cal (500fps)


For any questions regarding airsoft, call us @


RULES FOR AIRSOFT @ XTREME. :All players must use 6mm airsoft weapons that will be monitored under a chronograph. All airsoft guns must have a muzzle cover device outside the field and the staging area and may not be taken off until inside the netted areas.  Real firearms or pelletguns not allowed on the field — this includes blank firing weapons.  All games at Xtreme must be supervised by one of our referees.  Full seal eye pro is mandatory in netted areas AT ALL TIMES.  Lower face is not mandatory but highly recommended.  If under 18 years of age the child must use a full face guard.  Throwing knives are not allowed.. we do allow plastic knives, but they must be used only to signal that a player is being safety killed.. no actual contact allowed. Safety kills will be yelled within 10-20 feet.  If anyone is injured on the field, players will yell “blindman.”  When this call is heard, players will stop play, take a knee and repeat the call.  Sound Grenades, thunder bbs, tornados are grenades that make noise or project bbs and which we call our hits within a 15 ft kill radius from which it lands. In airsoft a single hit from a bb anywhere on your person or what you are wearing counts as a kill.  When you are hit place you hand up in the air and let everyone know you are hit by vocally saying i am hit or im out. Dead rags are great for this to if you do not want to hold your hand up in the air, simply place the dead rag on top of your head, normally the color of a dead rag is red.  Airsoft ricochets do not count — direct hits only.  THIS IS AN HONOR BASED GAME.  If you think you are hit, call yourself out.  If you have a problem with anyone not calling hits, tell the referee ASAP.  Do not yell at them mid game, because if you are wrong, it can drastically effect game play/morale.  We do not tolerate cheating, and have gotten pretty good at keeping an eye on people when need be.

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