Xtreme Paintball Park is more than a paintball field. It is an ever-evolving being.

We work hard because you like to play hard. Whether it’s new rental equipment, field improvements, new tournaments or amenities like the new bathrooms and paved parking, we are continually working to provide you with the best paintball field in St. Louis.

Xtreme Paintball Park was founded by two of paintball’s legends, Sal Briguglio and Tim Schloss, in 1998. Sal had been playing paintball with his two youngest kids for a few years and cherished all the time he got to spend bonding with his youngest son and daughter. When Sal’s youngest son Tore told him he wanted to own a paintball field we he grew up, Sal used that as the perfect excuse to buy into an existing paintball business. Eventually, Sal bought the entire business and continued to grow the sport and run the business while also working a full-time job. Tore took over the paintball business in 2007 after graduating from college. Sal continued to help Tore and was a staple at the field every weekend until he fell ill in 2014. Sal passed away in June 2015, but his legacy will continue on for many years to come.

When you visit Xtreme Paintball Park, you are not just another customer to us. Part of Sal’s way of life was to make sure everyone he encountered became a friend, and for many, eventually family. Tore and the staff work hard to follow in Sal’s footsteps.

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